The Creators

Christopher G. Villano - The clay universe project
Wizard, Maniac, Master of Chaos

Christopher G. Villano

Chris is often traveling in his space-pod, traversing dimensions while manifesting infinite plausible realities. He is a master of craft and adept at  trickery. Chris helms the MANTLE …: Guardian of Women, Children, The Mentally Unstable, Lavender, Dwarves, Giants, Geeks, Nerds, Intuitive Secrets, The Sexually Oppressed, and Wombats.  Chris tends to keep his affairs poetically simple and absurdly complicated. 

Alexis Cabrera - The Clay Universe Project
LMHC NYC/CA, Psychomagic Practitioner, Witch

Alexis Cabrera

Alexis is always young and always old. She sees a lot and has low grade cosmic jokes to make about it all. Alexis is hoping to not reincarnate after this lifetime; being a human is enjoyable, but she is looking forward to writing fates for incarnated students. She DESIRES to complete her missions with grace and ultimately become a Destiny Enforcer.