The Clay Universe - Book 1"The clay universe is a quick jaunt through a world of sex, drugs, punk rock, paranoia and abuse. Speeding through New York on a coke fueled ride that takes you to your own personal lows and insecurities, it brings you face to face with demons offering you all the excesses you could want and shows you the horror that comes from accepting.

You can't stop reading this book. To try and get off the ride early will leave you in a hostile part of town you don't recognize, but, to finish the course will leave you born anew along side the protagonist and ready to work on your own personal "clay universe".

It's a quick read that deals with trauma and abuse in an at times humorous way letting you shake your head at the tragedies of life, move on and ultimately let go." - Graeme, Goodreads

"Goodfellas for a post-Epstein America, Enter the Void but for cocaine, The Clay Universe Project throttles to the limit of human consciousness and then keeps going. An intense read for anyone that’s grappled with alienation, trauma, addiction, guilt, pain - it’s an intense read for anyone, but a liberating one. Villano & Cabrera’s style is layered with mystery, overflowing with sincerity, embedded with truth at its dark center as it expands and collapses. Beyond that it’s funny, cool, and a really good time." - Conor, Goodreads

"A gripping and grimy thrill-ride into the mind and soul of a drug-addled Manhattan restaurateur and his descent into madness amidst the bright lights and big city. Betrayed and lost, his world turns upside down when he realizes that the urge to do the right thing leads him down a dark and lonely path, one of which his life depends on." - Farrah W., Goodreads

"This is a fantastic book, not exactly an easy read though. The insanity that life can bring you is all too clear in this anti-fairytale. I am looking forward to the next book." - Bryan D., Goodreads

The Clay Universe Project
Review by John Moriarty @ Outsider Magazine