The Clay Universe

"The Clay Universe Project is a work of fiction that reads like an autobiography. The main character is Christopher Humphrey and it follows his life from birth to late 2013. This is not a story of the American dream, but more of a modern tale of the American nightmare. From a family trying to hide from their immigrant roots, to the corruption of the soul by the almighty dollar, this is a modern tale of the evils that hide in plain site." - Goodreads

The Clay Universe Project is the first of three books of The Clay Universe Trilogy. An Anti-Fairytale based on real life experiences dealing with sexual, physical, and psychological abuse at a young age that later manifest into a host of other issues such as substance abuse, dark esoteric allegiances , and being a part of the corrupt New York City and global business landscape. There is always hope, however, if you desire it and recovery, through and expansion of consciousness, is possible. The literary aspect of this creative manifestation resulted in 99 physical copies of The Clay Universe Project that were given away to people in recovery programs, mental health institutions as well as those who have been unjustly incarcerated where they in turn read it and passed it on to others who may benefit from it. The first book has made its way through those communities and garnered a respectable underground readership. EYE AM NYC